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Echo Sub – Subwoofer potente para su Echo – requiere Echo compatible

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Echo Sub ofrece un sonido de graves profundos de 100 W que se dispara hacia abajo a través de un woofer de 6″.
Combínalo con un dispositivo Echo para disfrutar de música dinámica que llena la habitación.
Empareje con dos de los mismos dispositivos Echo para un rico sonido estéreo izquierdo/derecho.
Fácil de configurar y usar: solo conéctelo, abra la aplicación Alexa y conéctese de forma inalámbrica a su(s) dispositivo(s) Echo para controlar la música con su voz.


Agrega bajos profundos a tu Echo
Echo Sub – Powerful subwoofer for your Echo – requires compatible Echo device : Amazon.com.au: Amazon Devices & Accessories
1. Conecta el Echo Sub| 2. Abre la aplicación de Alexa para conectar el Echo Sub de forma inalámbrica a tu dispositivo Echo. | 3. Solo pídele a Alexa que reproduzca música.



60 valoraciones en Echo Sub – Subwoofer potente para su Echo – requiere Echo compatible

  1. James Fox

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    So good, I bought a second one

    I have a 4 Echo 3’s in my master bedroom. I have all 4 set up in Alexa as a 4 speaker stereo. It sounded fine especially having the left and right channels crossed between the front and rear of the bedroom. Basically I have one in each corner of the room and the bed is in the middle. A set is closer to the headboard but I can adjust the volume so the feet are louder than the headboard. Well, you get the point.This set up sounded good but I saw this subwoofer and got intrigued so I bought one. It can only be linked into a pair of Echo’s so I chose the headboard pair. As soon as I got the configuration setup and played music, I got the goose bumps when something amazing happens.So after a few weeks, I found that there was something missing from the sound of the 2 Echo’s in my home office. I brought the subwoofer from the bedroom and reconfigured it with the office stereo configuration. Yep, that was what was missing so I ordered a second one.I usually don’t buy items until there is a sale of some sort of incentive. These purchases were the exception to my rule. I now have 2 of these subwoofers and still enjoy them almost daily.Just an FYI, all of my devices are 3rd generation Echo Dots.

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  2. Miatasunchaser

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    Yes it’s worth it to pair with 2 Studios!

    That was my big question. Will it add enough bass foundation over and above what the 5 1/4″ bass studio speakers already give me.The answer is a BIG YES! There is a bass foundation w/ the sub that you can feel much more than the studios even though you do have some of that w/ studios.I don’t even need to maximize the sub to +6 as that would be overkill. I think I have it on +4 which does what I need without overdoing it. When I overdo bass, I get tired of the sound way too quick.Also the somewhat softer (in a song I was listening to) thump of the drum set bass drum had a noticeable nicer sound. It was more fuller and deeper just the way I would like it. And that is not at the bottom frequency of the sub. So this sub goes from 80 hz up to 200hz so it will play some of the lower pitched notes but not an issue at all.So what I like to do is accentuate the bass somewhat so when you turn down the volume as my wife prefers you still have the sub adding to the foundation. That is a nice setting to get it all without blasting out the whole house.So if you have a pair of studios for music and movies like I do, the sub is not just adding to what is already there w/ studios but adding on a new dimention to the already very cool sounding studios! Just buy it as you can always return it very easily w/ Amazon. You won’t…..

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  3. FriscoKidFriscoKid

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    ***Must Read Review***

    I wrote this review because if you have bought Amazon Echo products you are aware that documentation is minuscule to say the least. I wish I had this information prior to my purchase.CONFIGURATION:Echo Show 5 (2 paired left/right) Echo Sub in single room, on single network, RSSI of -57 (perfect range).Echo Studio + Echo Sub, same room, same network, RSSI of -54 to -69.CONS:1. Sources of music: Many posts will tell you that streaming is the only source available. This is true but you should also know that you cannot expect good results (will explain on con#3) if you want to play from Amazon Music sourcing the playlists or content from an iPhone or similar smart phone.2. Location of Echo devices: You will read many people explain that using the sub in the configuration means that you created a grouping of speakers that are on an island. By that I mean, it is not multi-room capable.3. Stability of music play: You will experience a couple of glitches in both my configurations. First, your echo, either type, will stop playing the music and it will only come out of the sub until you unplug it. If you are using a L/R configuration of Echos you may lose the left or the right or both during playback. On occasion you can say skip or choose another playlist and it will resolve. Involving an iPhone/Apple Watch/etc you will be lucky to get 3 songs without this happening.4. The fix for stability according to Amazon FAQ is to unplug them all and try again. Unpair them, try again. Sounds like Microsoft Windows 3.0 developers wrote that manual.5. There is no selection to adjust the bass level. If you go into the echo settings you need to realize that you are adjusting treble/mid/bass for ALL speakers including the sub. There is a crossover built in to the sub but NOT the echos…so the Echos try to play frequencies they NEVER should with a sub. It is not a 2.1 system if you think about it in home theater termsPROS:1. It’s $130. If this was $230 I’d say think twice.2. This is for small rooms, mine is in a bathroom and also in the garage. Sounds superb when not losing the synchronization between devices and resetting them. Tried it in another larger room, really it needs two Subs paired to one Echo pair. I’ve heard some people use two Echo Studios and two Echo Subs but you will lose the Atmos Music ability…though it will still play 3D music it will be from two identical 3D Echo Studios and not give you the desired effect.In summary, I’d buy it again but I never found enough detailed information prior to my purchase and my expectations were higher than they should have been. I’m returning mine. The replacement is on the way. If this is a manufacturing defect that is fixed in the replacement I will come back and comment. It is 3/12. If by 3/19 I do not comment back it didn’t work.

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  4. G. Wang

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    Great Hardware Plagued by Terrible Software

    Background:Two wireless network, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. One Echo Studio. At the beginning, the Studio was on 5GHz but has been on the 2GHz for the past two years.The pain:1. Trying to pair the Echo Sub with the Echo Studio and the Sub got on the 5GHz network in spite of my clear choice of the 2.4GHz network (phone on 2.4GHz network)2. Reset the Sub and connected to the 2.4GHz as the Studio. Paired successfully. The Studio now no long output music. However the sub pumps out bass and the Studio responds to voice command and replies with voice. Just no music coming out (phone on 2.4GHz network)3. Unpaired and moved both the Studio and the sub to the 5GHz network. I could not pair them. They all show on the list on my phone’s Alexa app. As soon as I choose one, the other one grays out (phone on 5GHz network)4. Deregistered both of them and trying to get the Studio to the 2.4GHz networked I wanted, Studio’s original network. It got on the 5GHz network. Deregistered the Studio again and finally got on the 2.4GHz network (phone on 2.4GHz network)5. After deregistering the sub, the sub light flashes blue and white. Had to press and hold the only button again. And again, it got on the 5GHz network. I specifically chose the 2.4 GHz network and the sub specifically connected to the 5 GHz network showing the 5 GHz’s SSID in the Alexa app (phone on 2.4GHz network)6. After several tries, they are finally on the same network and got paired (phone on 2.4GHz network)There is only one button on the sub. It is a great simple design, except when you need to reset it, you need to press and hold the button until it turns orange. The orange light, if comes on, is in the middle of the button. I wonder if the Sub was originally designed for creatures with transparent or translucent fingers. It is definitely not designed for earthlings.

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  5. Uzdcarz 4 U

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Very strong ,loud, great Bass and WOW ,wakes up the neighbors!

    Great sounds, one dislike( maybe I have a setting wrong ) but it does NOT listen well. when I give it simple commands she doesn’t hear me …really have to loudly request which I’m not a fan of.

  6. Colonel Scrimshaw Vinegar

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Definitely a Powerful Subwoofer

    The bass in an Echo Studio is already very good. So when I paired the Sub with my Echo Studio I didn’t see much difference until the volume was very high. I then paired the Sub to a plain Echo speaker and it is spectacular! The Echo speaker has good sound, but not much bass, so adding the Sub made a big difference.The instructions for setting up and pairing the Echo Sub with another device are almost correct, but not exactly. I had to poke around for a few minutes in the Alexa app to figure it out and then it came right up.

  7. ElectronicsJunkie III

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Sounds good, but needs greater integration

    First of all I would like to point out the fact that I paired the sub with an Echo Show that I have had for over a year. In addition to this, the Echo Show had received the latest update a full week before I got the sub (overnight while I was sleeping). I did not have any issues with setup. It worked on the first try in less than 60 seconds.The sound of the sub is pretty good for what you pay for. I have it on the opposite side of the room from the Show and under the bed near the wall (I don’t want to see it) and it not only gives the Echo Show a fuller sound, but due to the fact that some of the highs come through it, it sounds a little stereo. Initially I had the bass on the Show turned up to about 90%, but had to turn it down to about 70% due to how loud the sub got.Because of my experience, I struggle to understand the people who say that it “…has no bass!” and that it took “…hours!” to set up. Could this be due to the fact that they were trying to do the update and setup (on new devices) at the same time? Could it be because they did not follow instructions? Could they have received defective products? Could these people simply failed to follow instructions? Could it be due to the fact that some people do not know how to position a sub correctly (sound complaints)? I don’t know. Setup was quick and easy and can really boom if I wanted it to. It works really well in my large bedroom.There is, however, one thing that I agree with a lot of the reviewers on: The lack of integration will all of the available options on the Echo sucks. Right now the sub is only active with “Streaming services.” This means Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. If you stream music from your phone, use a service like SomaFM (something that I use all of the time that is a “Skill”) or watch video, you might as well have a box of rocks. The sub does nothing. This needs to be fixed for all content coming out of the Echo (at the very least for anything truly streaming over the internet – Skills or video).In addition to the above, I have noticed that the sub lags the Show sometimes. When “Streaming” music playback starts, the sub will take a couple of seconds to come on. Also, when you stop “Streaming” music, the sub will take about a second to cut off. Not a big deal, but something I have noticed.Overall, I am happy with it (I have Prime Music), but what keeps it from getting five stars is the lack of integration. Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it!

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  8. laserbeam

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Amazing sound

    Surprised at the great sound from such a small and inexpensive speaker. Perfect for travel or picnics.

  9. orrman

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Be realistic

    So there’re a million reviews for this subwoofer, so I’ll cut to the chase:1. Believe the stories you’ve been reading about how difficult this thing is to set up. I can see if you have everything perfectly aligned between your Echo(s) and your Alexa app how simple the set-up can be and the reviews you’ve been reading indicating this are probably true. However, if anything is even slightly off, forget about it. I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy person and there’s no way to figure it out. I called Amazon support and the first person I spoke to went through all the basic protocols to get it to connect and she couldn’t figure it out. So she transferred me to the Amazon tech gurus department based out of eastern Washington State and that guy was finally able to get it to connect and fire up. So my take is, expect the worse, but if it does happen, know Amazon tech support will be able to fix it. I got through to them in less than a minute for both people btw. Just go to the “Help Support” option on the Alexa app and follow the prompts and you’ll get a call right away.2a. Now that it’s working, holy cow! Believe what you’ve been reading about how great it sounds and disregard all the complainers about how lousy it sounds. First of all, your Echo sounds infinitely better with the sub than without. Everyone, including the cynical people, will agree with that. There’s no question. But second, what the hell are people expecting out of a 100w, $130 sub? I’ve read a few reviews that they “expected more” for the cost. What? Have they SEARCHED for subwoofers? The absolute, bottom of the barrel, garbage, no-name brand subwoofers are around $99. To get ANYWHERE near a decent 100w sub, you’re looking at around $180 – $200 MINIMUM. So at $130 for this Echo subwoofer you’re getting at the very least, what you paid for so you shouldn’t expect much more than that, but I would argue it’s definitely worth the value if not exceeds it.2b. And on another note about the quality of the sound not being good. What are people expecting from these devices? Marantz or Denon audio sound? Polk or Bose? Let’s say you get two full-size Echos: $100 x 2 = $200. And you add the subwoofer: $130. Put the whole thing together and we’re talking a sound system for $330. I dare anyone to search for a system w/decent sound for that price or less. You can’t even get one good speaker for that amount. At $330, this “system” out-performs anything out there. For what it is, it’s fine.

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  10. Eric S

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Great Addition To Pair Of Echos

    Added it to an existing pair of Echos. Unpair your existing pair of Echos before adding the sub to form the set of 3 speakers. Does a great job of rounding out the sound, but keep expectations reasonable. It will not produce huge pounding wall shaking bass, but it is a vast improvement over a pair of Echos by themselves. Good value for money.

  11. Micah

    4.0 de 5 estrellas


    I bought 2 echo studios and the subwoofer for the home theater feel. It took me ALOT OF TIME on the phone with customer service not only with Amazon but also with my internet provider to get it to work properly. If you are having constant disconnections from your home theater set up than I hope my review came saves you the 5 hours it took me on the phone.First, the sound is GREAT! Not as loud as ide like. I wish I could get loud enough to feel like you’re in a club but quality of sound is competitive with that of BOSE. The Subwoofer is a MUST. Makes a great difference!Changing Internet Settings:1. To get these to stay connected with each other through the home studio set up you may have to make changes to your internet settings.2. I have AT&T internet and they happen to have me on what’s called a “Mesh Network”. A mesh network combines your 2.4G radio frequencies and your 5.0G frequencies with each other on one network name. If you have this too, than some of your speakers make pick up the 2.4G signal when another one may be on the 5.0G which will disconnect them from each other everyday and even cause a lot of lag.3. To fix a mesh network, call your internet provider and have them separate your networks. One being 5.0G and the other being 2.4G. Now when you search your networks, you won’t just see one; you will see two to choose from.4. I chose my speakers to all be on the 5.0G network as the 2.4G was too slow for them and they lagged. Your fire stick also must be connected to the same network as the speakers and 5.0 will allow for faster streaming as well.5. AT&T also said that having the passwords different from the two networks can cause lag. I don’t know why this was the case but we ended up having to make my passwords the same for both networks. Also, AT&T did not charge me for any of this as this was all done over the phone.6. The following is a message from Amazon customer support with some other settings I had changed or checked on:A. We require that the customer have TCP ports 55442, 55443 open to traffic on their Local Area Network (LAN). They do not need to be opened to the general internet.B. We also require UDP port 55444 to be open on the Local Area Network. This also does not need to be exposed to the general internet.C. We also require that devices in a cluster be on the same subnet and that they can communicate with each other. On some routers, this requires the devices to be on the same WiFi network (2.4Ghz vs. 5Ghz) since the two wifi networks are firewalled from each other.

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  12. Ripley44224

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    Unimpressive with one Echo Studio, better with two.

    OK, I caved for Christmas. I have one Echo Studio (which I like), and I have been thinking for a while about the 2 Studio’s and a Sub setup. I rely a LOT on my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for music around the house, so it seemed like a good fit. OK, so I ordered the Sub and an additional Studio for a Christmas present to myself. So far, not too swack about this $330 decision. Amazon could send me the Sub, but not the additional Studio in time for Christmas. So I hooked up the sub to my single Studio, and…..meh. I struggled through the whole “how do I get this damned thing working” malaise, and finally got it to talk. Expecting to be blown away by the addition of a great, pronounced bass track. Not so much. Yes, the Sub is bumping out the bass track, but there isn’t a way to control the volume of the Sub INDEPENTENTLY from the Studio. So if I am sitting near the Studio, I really can’t hear the Sub at all. And there is no way to crank it up. Too bad, Amazon, this is a BIG MISS on your part. I have 2 part hopes. 1) Amazon upgrades Alexa to allow independent control of the Sub, and 2) Maybe when the 2nd Studio arrives, the Sub will prove it’s worth as the bass underpinning of a 3 part stereo system. These 2 hopes are a pretty big stretch, considering what I have been able to glean by combing though the reviews of a setup like this. Bottom line, I am a big fan of the whole Amazon music world, but the $120 Sub looks turkeyish, and odds are it’s going back. Too bad, I really wanted to like this product.Update 1/4/2021: With 2 Studio speakers, the system is much more respectable, I think. Maybe I am just too lazy to send things back. But with 2 Studio speakers and the subwoofer, this system becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Especially when you crank it up. Great stereo separation. Evaluating separation and bass performance depends heavily on what track you are listening to, and where you set Alexa’s rudimentary “High/Medium/Low” equalizer. There is no balance control for these 3 speakers, but I am surprised at how well that aspect is handled without user input. One problem in evaluating the worth of the subwoofer: If you unplug it (to listen for the difference) it doesn’t automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi. So you have to spend a half hour mashing buttons in Alexa getting it to talk again. Anyway, at higher than 50% volume, I can hear that it is adding to the experience. So it stays for now. and I’ll up the stars from 2 to 4. Hopefully Alexa will update at some point with better independent controls??

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  13. Joel

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Love it!

    Only downside is that it is connected to my echo studio, and the sub isn’t going off when I connect my z fold 4 to the speakers. Unless I connect to a speaker group in Amazon Music.Impressive output otherwise. Works well with fire tv also!

  14. james lafrinere

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Awesome sound !

    Great product for size and $$. Love the Bluetooth connectivity. Fills the room with nice bass tones.

  15. wisconsin wildman

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Adds a little lower end, keep expectations in control

    I didn’t have any issues linking this to my echo studio. Only problem is the EQ settings on the app not appearing to where I set them until I use the wake word. Then if I close the app I’m not sure if the EQ settings stay where I set them. Kind of odd.Disappointed that this only works with amazon related tech, but I knew that going in. Also doesn’t work with Bluetooth music sent from the phone.It’s not high end audio quality like, but at the price it’s a nice little low end bass filler for echo speakers. I have not used it with fire tv.I’ve had no issues using it in a group. I have it in my everywhere group, it has to be paired to only one speaker. Mines paired to the studio I have. I cannot pair it to the other speaker I have in the living room (echo gen 3) to create true stereo. Apparently your two speakers to do this must be the same (dot 3, studio, or echo gen 3, maybe also echo gen 2?).I like the “everywhere” feature that the echo speakers offer as I have a kitchen and bathroom dot 3, bedroom dot with clock, echo gen and studio in the living room with this unit.The sub isn’t overpowering, and the lack of being able to use it as anything but echo or fire related makes me drop the rating a bit. Also, the lack of Bluetooth capabilities.It’s a fine little unit for the price. Although a little muddy sounding, it nicely fills the physical audio gap that was there between the echo studio and the echo gen 3 in front of me in my living room.If I didn’t have a simple bose sound bar already hooked to my tv, I wouldn’t recommend it for your home theatre experience as I believe there has to be better and cheaper options in sound bars with subwoofers. I could not see dropping over $500 on this with two echo studios because of its limitations.As far as adding it to your already existing echo or echoes, or using it with fire tv, I see it as a reasonably priced addition that adds substance to your setup. But again, it’s not thunder booming subwoofer like. It’s just a little extra something.As far as those reviews that are negative about bass lacking, have you opened the app and checked if the unit hasn’t set back to the original middle of the scale setting? This might explain your lack of bass.And it’s bass, by the way…..not base, you that call yourself an audiophile ( oh yeah, that’s a useless term also, the average person can tell the difference in the quality of the sound of things).Buy it, try it, but you know it’s limitations. So don’t gripe about it if it’s doing what it’s sold to do.Enjoy!!

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  16. benjamin davis

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Great addition to my multi speaker setup

    6 speaker set up with the subwoofer and I’m in heaven

  17. Konquerian

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Echo Sub adds the much needed bass to the echo home theater setup

    I have the echo home theater setup with two echo studios and the echo sub. I started with one echo studio. I expanded to two echo studios and then finally adding the echo sub into the mix. The echo sub does add in the much needed bass to the setup. I mainly use my echo home theater setup for movies and tv series in my bedroom. I can say that with one or even two echo studios, that streaming movies from HBO max or Disney plus lacks the much desired bass. Not that the echo studios don’t have bass at all, but seemed rather muted at times. That is why, I decided to add the echo sub into the mix. Adding the echo sub to my existing echo home theater with the Alexa app was definitely simple, so no complaints there. After adding it to the group, the completed setup worked as expected.After watching a few movies and episodes of tv series, I can honestly say that the echo sub adds the missing bass of the echo studios. It produces decent bass to keep me in the action, though nothing room rumbling. But of course, I did not expect the room shaking bass as my living room’s dedicated home theater setup, so the echo sub performed exactly how I expected. I have read reviews comparing the echo sub to the svs subs, and deducted a star because they were disappointed, which I found ridiculously funny. If anyone is expecting this little cheap sub is going to be comparable to any of the cheaper svs subs, I would suggest you to save your money now and turn away. But if you are looking to add some bass to the echo sound system setup, then the echo sub is a must have, it will bring the listening experience to a higher level than just having two echo speakers.

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  18. tomas

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    Somewhat underwhelming

    I have two echo studios and paired them with the sub and to my fire tv. The audio DOES seem maybe a LITTLE richer, but it didn’t seem to add any bass. I had to feel the speaker to make sure it was on and working. I’d say since I had the echo studios, I’m rather disappointed and could have gone without the sub, but if you just have the smaller speakers like the Dots, I’d say it’s worth the investment, or just save your money and get the studio. I also don’t like that you can’t adjust the volume of the sub in the same way that you can adjust different speakers in a multi room setup.

  19. Ronald R

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    It’s just a subwoofer

    Now that I’ve finished integrating it into my system I love it. It’s important to note that it requires a COMPATIBLE Alexa speaker to pair with. You can’t use this alone.

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  20. Spencer

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Works well in our living room

    We wanted to update our older sound setup in our living room. So we went with 2 Echos and this Echo Sub. After some initial issues with pairing everything up due to update issues across the devices everything connected well together. Is this a knock you off the ground sub, No. Does it give more of a well rounded sound while watching movies or listening to music, most definitely.We have ours in a group with the other 2 speakers, and if I could critique the setup I wish there was more control to the equalizer to get the exact sound out that we want. With them being in a group everything is controlled under one. Which some might like.I really like that all it needs is a plug as everything else is wireless. An item to note is that this is part of an Alexa device setup so if you have internet issues, you might have some output issues with the setup, vs our old wired non internet system.I would buy these items again.

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  21. John L. WelteJohn L. Welte

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Amazon Echo Subwoofer

    I really didn’t know what to expect when I ordered the Amazon Echo Subwoofer. I was very happy with the easy setup and the sound quality. It has a very nice bass sound. I am very satisfied.

  22. amazondre

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    Too unwieldy for apartment living. Alexa app needs improvements!

    Paired nicely with my two Echo Studios. I was super excited and it sounded great, perfect for a basic living room setup without spending thousands. Ideal compromise from my studio speaker setup I can’t use in my apartment.But my neighbor didn’t agree. They were feeling it along with us… Even just basic TV, no music.Despite doing everything I could to tame the bass, the Alexa app just doesn’t (as of writing this) give fine enough control over the EQ levels to have any significant impact. Maybe it was my placement or something, but I had to disconnect it after the second day and haven’t used it since.Because this won’t work on anything outside of the Amazon ecosystem, I’ve got a paperweight until I decide to move one day…Feels like this would be such an easy fix on either the Alexa app or the streaming device (Firestick). I even suspect I can stream Amazon Music from my phone, using a 3rd party Android system EQ and bring the bass under control. Doesn’t help me for anything else though.So the speaker works well, I guess… But it’s not usable for me sadly.

  23. Barry Shines

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Review of InHome Cho Sub – Powerful subwoofer for your Echo

    Are you tired of lackluster sound quality at your home dance parties? Look no further than the InHome Cho Sub – a powerful subwoofer designed specifically for use with compatible Echo devices.I recently hosted a house party with my family and decided to try out the InHome Cho Sub. Let me tell you, it was a game changer. The bass was thumping and the sound quality was crystal clear. We were able to dance the night away without any distortion or muddled audio.One crazy moment that stands out from the party involved my nephew attempting to breakdance on our hardwood floor. The bass from the InHome Cho Sub was so strong that it caused him to lose his balance mid-spin and fall to the ground. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt and we all had a good laugh about it afterwards.Setting up the subwoofer was a breeze – simply plug it in and connect it to your compatible Echo device via Bluetooth. It’s compact size also makes it easy to move around as needed.Overall, I highly recommend the InHome Cho Sub for anyone looking to take their home dance parties to the next level. Your family and friends will thank you for investing in such high-quality sound equipment.

  24. RodR

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    Did not work with Echo SHow 10 – Working now

    The sub will not connect with the echo show 10 that was bought at the same time. The Alexa apt that does the connection either says the device is not compatible with the sub or it says there is a network error. Both devices are on the same WIFI network and have been rebooted as per the ONLY directions that I can find to solve any problems. I did get it to connect to the original Echo Show but could not verify that there was any difference in the sound of a song being played.Normally with I buy something that costs $100’s there is some kind of number to call for help. The only thing I can find is to put a message out to Amazon/devicesupport …This is now working but the reason why is not understood. Simply changing to a different WIFI connections fixed it. Do it not like the newer WIFI 6 routers? PLUS changing the WIFI setting on the new Echo Show 10 was an extreme hassle. I could not find the setting anywhere in the setup on the Alexa app. I literally had to resort to the pull down menu on the device.Fortunately one of the Amazon experts gave me some pointers on what to try. BUT Amazon needs to get their act together on this and other problems with installs. We are not going to sit around for 3 days waiting for a expert to comment on things to try.

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  25. The South Is Hot

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    No Bluetooth Capability

    For the price, it makes my little home theater setup with two Echo dots sound incredibly better. I only wish it had bluetooth capability. It will only play, through wifi connection, when paired with other Echo devices with Alexa or FireTV but NOT if you play music or audio through bluetooth. I didn’t realize this when I bought it. But I still like it!

  26. mindleak

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Initial impression: Pretty decent addition to the Echo lineup, but setup can be a headache

    I currently have 6 Echo devices (well, 7 including the sub) and wanted to add a little oomph to the music when I’m playing it throughout the house.Now, I can confirm that you CAN pair the sub with a device (currently a 1st gen Show) AND have that device in a multi-room group. Mine is currently in the Everywhere group and works great. The sub software version is 1577509252. I’m not sure what versions it previously did not work in, but mine worked out of the box, once I finally managed to get it paired, but more on that shortly. I was worried it wouldn’t work due to some reviews, but I took a chance as I saw several get updated that it works properly after a software update. I’m glad I gave it a chance.For the sound quality, I think it sounds pretty good. I’ve seen reviews saying it won’t shake your house, but we live in a smaller place on a non-solid foundation, and you can hear and feel it just about everywhere when cranked up, especially if you turn up the bass on the equalizer that the sub is paired to. In fact, I’ve got music playing right now, not very loud, and I’m in my office and the sub is in the living room, and I can hear its thumping. So it’s definitely a solid little sub. It really gives life to the music. I’ve seen others complain that it only works for music, and that’s definitely a valid point, but for me, that’s all I need it for, and it works great. I don’t generally watch videos on the Shows or play music through my phone since I prefer whole-home music when I’m using it. Now, if you’ve got a solid concrete foundation, it may not shake the house, but you’ll surely know it’s there.Now, the for the only reason I knocked off a star. The setup. It was a little painful. I got the dreaded “device unreachable” error when trying to pair the first few tries. The Echos are *very* finicky about being able to all talk to each other to work properly when grouped together. Sometimes they need gentle “reminders” that they’re all still there. I could blame it on my more-complicated-than-your-standard-home-network setup (as in enterprise-grade network gear, RADIUS assigned VLANs, etc), but with enough other people with the same issues, I don’t think it was that. What finally worked for me was kicking ALL the Echo devices (including the sub) off the network and letting them reconnect a few times. At that point, they finally all saw each other again and allowed me to pair the sub. I even gave them their own network (VLAN) and static IPs to try to keep them happy, and it generally works, but they need a little nudge now and again. I also unplugged the sub to move it to a different location and had to go through that process again. But as of right now, it’s all working well, but it’s also been less than a day, so if that changes I will update this.So, in summary, I think this is a great addon if you listen to music, especially whole-home or at least multi-room. Once you get passed the setup headache, it’s pretty nice. I’m happy with it.

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  27. Paul T. Lewis

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    For bass, better to get 2 echos and a sub over echo studio, but still issues.

    Finally added and tested the sub in my whole house music EchoSystem, now that they added new pairing features with some Fire TV’s. What I lacked the most was BASS and returned the studios for that reason. For music alone, a sub and an echo did a great job in adding more bass to my whole house music. I plan to have one upstairs and downstairs for continuity. But I have some gripes!1) And this is absolutely ANNOYING!! When used in a home theater setup the equalizer is disabled. So can’t add more bass or treble. And this is with an Amazon Omni FIre TV or Fire TV stick. So will move to Den and just go back to a traditional wired stereo system (need wired so when attached to an echo device or compatible fire TV there is no delay when using whole house).2) Also when paired in Home Theater, the paired speakers drop alot on left or right channel. Gets annoying when watching movies but never notice when listening to music.3) volume. When added to a paired system it doesn’t add much volume. When doing Karaoke you can really tell when paired with TV. Can’t get loud enough to pair with the vocals on a mic amp.For basic music listening, it was worth adding it (even at full price) and I will be keeping it and getting another one for upstairs. But better to pair your compatible Fire TV with a $300 bookshelf/Tower/2.1 system if you want bass and volume without the hiccups. Still can use for multi-room or whole house EchoSystem music.

  28. Lee R. Anderson

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Great addition to Echo Studio pair

    I added the sub to my Echo Studios and it’s great. It’s not just the extra reach in the lows that helps. By taking some of the strain off the Studios, the Studios have better midrange clarity. I got the Studios on sale, so with the sub, it was less than $500 for the trio. Really great sound for the money.The problem is a software issue. I use the trio (2 Studios and a Sub) for Music Unlimited via my phone, and for videos and music through Fire TV Cube. Broadcasting from my phone sounds great. But the same material on Music Unlimited that sounds great via my phone sounds like trash via the Cube. And videos via the Cube all sound like trash. Video sounded much better before I got the Sub, when I was just using a pair of Studios. I think the Cube is trying to do some “fancy” “enhanced” audio, but it’s crap. I hope Amazon fixes it. And I hope all the software companies quit trying to “improve” on the audio as it’s been released by the real audio professionals in the movie and music studios.

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  29. Kindle Customer

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Update, almost 2 months, and loving it more and more 🙂

    ** I honestly do not know what all of the negative reviewers are doing that makes this so hard to set up???? When I originally purchased this, I had it paired with my Echo Show, which was ok, but decided I wanted to see what it sounded like when it was paired with two echos. I unpaired it from the show, paired it to the first echo, at which time it asked me what was the second device. I picked the 2nd echo, and then it asked me to choose left side and right side. I named my echos left and right just to make life easier to figure out which was which. The two echos are on an upper shelf in my tv cabinet (a little above head level when sitting). The sub sits on the floor directly in front of the cabinet, so I guess I am getting two walls worth of revurb off of it. We run the volume between 3 and 5 most of the time. I am amazed that even when I have it cranked up, a normal voice request to Alexa kicks on the listening mode and mutes the music temporarily, something that never worked with the Echo Show without yelling if I had the music loud. I guess my only advice is follow the prompts, dont try to work ahead. It should take you less than 5 minutes to plug in, power on, and pair everything. I have had ZERO issues with it.I found setup easy, performance was actually surprisingly good, and any questions I had Amazon was very responsive too!Funny, reading comments and I am glad I bought mine before a lot of the negative reviews came up, or I might not have even tried it. I love it! MOST of the negative complaints are about things that were in the ORIGINAL AD for this product, and yet people are surprised. Amazon was very clear that at release, it was music only (not tv), that it was designed to work with the std echo gen 2 or echo plus, NOT dots and shows (although I do have mine working on the Show), no bluetooth (again, read the ad)…It is a great sub to use for music. It has enough kick sitting on the floor in the corner of the living room to get a nice bass reflex throughout the room. Took me about 15 minutes to set it up following the guide. I did wind up buying a pair of echo’s that will be in later this weekend, and the Show will get moved somewhere else if the sound is worth the change! For the price, and if you have at least an Echo or Echo Plus (or Show, in my opinion), you will like it.Update 11/25… This thing is crazy… people can’t believe its an echo setup 🙂 We listen to music, a LOT. I have the two echos in the entertainment center up on opposite corners, and the sub is on the floor in the corner of the unit. The responsiveness of the echos even when the music is cranked is amazing, I loved this thing from the get go, and its only getting better!!!

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  30. Jungle shopping

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Good sound. Plays music only.

    Little glitchy at first, took a few days for the sub to pair with the 2nd generation echo. Will not work with my 1st gen echo. Also, Will not play “thunderstorms sounds for sleep”. Which is the only reason I purchased it. Hahaha!

  31. Our Home

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    Setup TAKES patience…. Not As Easy as expected

    The Sub woofer connects easily with other Alexa devices. However, in order to be able to hear the Sub woofer adequately, you have to know how to use the volume control on the Dot, the Studio, and any other paired Alexa device. You have to adjust the volume on the Alexa device and then use the Alexa app to increase or decrease the volume of the paired Alexa device. Once the volume levels are set and the two devices are paired then the audio quality of the SUB is exceptional. There are no written directions to configure volume with the Sub and with an Alexa device. Experimentation and PLAY AROUND AND TRY configuration settings until the paired devices are configure correctly. I wish this device had a volume control built in!

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  32. Steve DeVore

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Big. Heavy. Awesome sound.

    Had to add something after reading some recent reviews – My Dots knew The Echo Sub was coming and once it arrived and was plugged in, it took maybe 30 seconds for it be recognized and another minute to pair everything up. Your experience may differ, but that’s how it went for me.The Echo Sub, it turns out, is vital to your Alexa Echo Dot setup if you want to actually enjoy the music you are streaming. It turns what is a pretty decent little set up for quiet music or background sound into a full blown system that can rock your world. Or jazz it or rap it or country it. Whatever it is you like. The sound produced by the Echo Sub is full, rich and room filling. I absolutely love it. It is rather hefty. Your dog probably won’t be knocking it around. It is large and round. If your sofa is against a wall, this won’t fit back there. (my original intention) Allow me to share with you a few thoughts and tips concerning the Echo Sub matched with the Echo Dots.Let me describe the environment first – Smaller home (1000 sqft) with wood floors. I believe the wood floors play a major role in the sound I’m able get from this set up. 3br, living room with dining area, bath and galley type kitchen. The LR and dining area are really just one large room.The setup (so far) – 3 Echo Dots (3rd gen) and the Echo Sub. 4th Dot is on its way as well as an Echo.So I’ve paired 2 of the Dots with the Sub for the living room and 1 Dot in the master BR. By creating 2 groups (LR and Master) and making the wake word for the LR ‘Computer’ and leaving the Master as the default Alexa, I can control them separately. I can talk to one set or the other without messing with the other. By enabling the multi-room music function, and creating a 3rd group (placing the first two groups into it) named Everywhere, I can fill my entire house with music just by saying “Alexa, play smooth jazz Everywhere.” for example.Now the good stuff. Alexa tip #1. Your Dots are not anything close to being “dynamic” right out of the box, but you can help them a bit. Try to set them on something hollow. I’ve got one sitting on a small table which has a drawer and the other on an end table which is a cabinet. In the bedroom the Dot sits atop a dresser. That makes a huge difference right off the bat. Tip #2 Make sure the Dots are opposite each other and the Echo Sub as near to center between them as possible. Tip #3 Use these three songs and adjust the equalizer by voice commands by saying “Alexa, set bass (or midrange, treble) to…” and chose a value from -6 to +6. Lazy by Deep Purple. This song is nothing but bass. Next, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This song gives you an incredible range of notes and sound. Lastly, Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 Jupiter. This is for the fine tuning. You can always tell Alexa to reset the equalizer at anytime and start over if need be.Once you have your EQ set, you’re ready to go. And the sound is incredible. I’ve got a set of old school speakers I’ve had for over 30 years that are top notch paired with a Sony receiver and this Echo setup can rival them. Not in total volume level, but certainly in quality. It truly is amazing. And while they won’t peel paint off your walls, they are more than capable of providing music for a party. Loud enough that you can’t talk over them comfortably and given the right time of night and music, get the cops to show up. If you’re into that sort of thing.I can’t wait for my fourth Dot to arrive so I can group 4 Dots with the Echo Sub (with an Echo replacing the Dot in the bedroom) and create a pseudo-surround environment throughout the house. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Echo Sub (and Dots) to anyone looking to add great sound and flexibility to their home audio system. I’d give the Echo Sub a 6th star of I could.

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  33. Biomanb2

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    This thing kicks. A solid bass floor is always best. This sub provides it, in spades, hearts, etc.

    Aside from the small hiccup of it taking twice to accept the sub, all turned out fine. I’m using it in the kitchen, so it’s on the counter. Have to keep outta the corner so it doesn’t sound too boomy. That can ruin the tunes as much as weak bass does. Overall, this sub is well worth $130.00. I’d have no hesitation to buy another would I need it. Solidly built, heavy and exuding quality. It’s just plain cool. If you have a pair of echoes in mated pair stereo, this only makes it better. The sound quality I enjoy is incredible. Especially on tunes such as “Dreamland” by Bruce Hornsby, a song about his son. Also try Kenny Loggins’ “For the First Time” . Beautiful! There’ll never be listener fatigue in my house. Chuck.

  34. Curtis C. BrownCurtis C. Brown

    5.0 de 5 estrellas


    This sub (equiptment) really digs deep down & solid into the low spectrum. First, you cannot just connect it, turn it on, & play any old tune. Like some individuals, they fail to realize not all music is created & mixed equally for one. I find no problem with finding a sweet, sweet spot between the Studios & Sub. They are made for each other. What a nice rich, thick, clear, & none muddy or muffled sound they put out. Simply pleasing to hear all the separation of various rhythm sections. WOW! That is it. No hype. Excellant studio speakers/sub setup that performs. Quality product with eye appeal as well.

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  35. Kevin Randolph

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Not Enough Power

    Easy-to-use. Easy setup. Good Sound. NOT ENOUGH POWER! Have to play with echoes at full volume and the neighbors still don’t complain!

  36. brad

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Worthy Addition

    I have it paired with an Echo Show 8. It’s not earth shattering but listening to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” via SiriusXM, the bass is much more prominent and enjoyable.

  37. Chas

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Not The Easiest To Set Up

    I will be updating this review as I use the system and get used to it. For starters the setup was not as easy as Amazon makes it seem. I had to perform several tries before it set up properly. I used two Echo 2nd Generation Speakers that I previously purchased and was using. I cleared them out per the instructions and started from fresh. I also got the sub online. First try the speakers would play but the subwoofer would not. Start over. Second try everything seemed like it was going to work but one speaker could not be recognized. Third try, same thing. Fourth try, same thing. So I deregistered the two 2nd gen speakers and started again. Finally I got the system to recognize both 2nd gen speakers and the subwoofer. Everything connected but still no sound from subwoofer. Then I reset the subwoofer, reconnected again and finally the entire system works. The sound is not bad but I will comment on the sound in a future update. Too soon to tell. I have updated the app to the latest version. For some reason the app will not let me adjust the volume of the speakers. I can only do it through voice. Everything looks good in the app as far as proper connections. After using for a while I will update and adjust the rating. It works but it is hit and miss for setting it up. It doesn’t work and you fiddle with it and all of a sudden it works.FIRST EARLY UPDATEI sat quietly and listened to several genres of music last night as a test. My overall assumption is that it makes the system sound much better and more detailed. The generation 2 speakers in a stereo set up have phenomenal midrange and treble. While the subwoofer is not a powerhouse, it definitely adds lacking bass to the system making the music much more enjoyable. The system can also get quite loud in a normal size room. At this point I can say I like the subwoofer. As Amazon tweeks the app and offers software upgrades I feel the functionality and sound will improve more. For some reason the app will not allow me to adjust the volume with the slider bar. You have to use voice or use volume up or down on one of the generation 2 speakers. This needs addressing. The software is a little buggy but future updates should fine tune that. I think the system offers very nice sound for a reasonable price for a wireless system especially when compared to the astronomical cost of the Apple Homepod. I will update again after further use.2nd UPDATEI have had no issues with loosing connectivity. After a tedious pairing session the speakers have stayed connected. I also had no problem incorporating the 2.1 setup into my everywhere group. While the bass is not mind blowing, it definitely adds much better sound to the system depending on what type of music you are listening to. I have noticed with newer recordings made in the last 20 years or so you get real bass from the sub. On much older recordings that have bass in them, you kind of get a thumping sound from the sub. Overall for a convenient, easy to use wireless streaming system it is not a bad unit. I’m going to up my rating to 4 stars. It will never compete with a true wired sound system but it isn’t meant to. The units give you very decent sounding streaming music that is convenient and easy to use once paired. The software is buggy at this point. For example when you ask it to raise or lower the volume it hesitates then takes a while to make the adjustment while muting the still playing music making you miss a bit of the music. At this point I manually raise or lower the volume on the speaker. The app will not let me do it with the slider bar. Hopefully updates will fix this issue.

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  38. Chris Dowdy

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Good, adds depth but not wanted a tad more

    So is it worth it. Short answer is absolutely, long answer explains my conclusion.I have a 3000 square foot house and I have about 12-14 Echos and Dots spread across the house. What I wanted was something that had some punch behind the sound of the echos. I bought one and paired it in my living room with 2 echos in stereo pair, then added a dot and made on complete group.Rap, hip hop and techno you can really hear the difference. Rock was a little harder to tell, but it does ad depth. I had Alexa increase the bass all the way up. I need about 3 more of these spread across the house and I think it would complete the sound even more.Will buy again, actually need 2-3 more.

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  39. Doug Young

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    It is a very strong subwoofer. If you like a pounding beat this will give it to you.

    It paired well with the echo studio and gives you lots of bass. The problem for us was it was too much bass with no way to adjust it low enough to make it acceptable with the app equalizer. We sent it back and are waiting for them to upgrade it enough to be able to adjust the sub woofer itself.

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  40. MP

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Surprisingly good, for it’s size and price

    It’s not even close to our $500 SRS ported 10″ sub, but it’s not even in the same echelon, to be honest, so it’s not worth comparing. I do have an Energy ported 8″ sub that I purchased about a decade ago, that it can be compared to. To ensure the Energy sub doesn’t sound terrible, I have to set the Energy sub’s cross-over to the minimum setting (there is no LFE for this sub, only component-level inputs). The Echo Sub, by comparison, seems to be set very well, mostly pumping out very low frequencies.From the Echo Sub I was honestly only expecting a modest upgrade; I was expecting to want to return it right away, actually. That’s not the case. Even in the same room where we have our 10″ SRS sub, it emits clear, accurate low-frequencies that fill both the room it’s in and the adjacent dining room and kitchen (open floor plan). Our family-room group consists of our family room sound-bar (hooked up to a 2nd-gen Echo Dot, as well as SRS 10″ sub and Energy 8″ sub), kitchen Echo (which is actually situated right at the border of the family-room/dining-room, on the family-room side of the partition. I was expecting so many different devices to compete and not sound harmonious (at best) or cancel each other out (at worst). The subs had to be phased to prevent cancellation, but the rest of the speakers, playing together, allow for a very nice room-to-room experience!We listen to classical music during dinner and hear it in the dining from from all angles, which has a very nice affect. While cleaning, I don’t have to turn up the family Echo Dot-to-sound-bar (and sound-bar/subs), because the other Echos (and Echo Sub) compliment the family-room speakers nicely, allowing for (again…) room-to-room transit with relatively consistent sound. The benefit to this: turning up the family room set (Echo Dot-to-sound-bar and Subs) causes some low-frequency reverberation in the kitchen and other areas of the house (e.g., the bathroom). With it at a lower volume and the Echo Sub providing the low-frequency response for the kitchen and dining room area, things sound much better.If we’re solely hanging out in the dining room or kitchen area, I don’t even feel the need to turn on the family room Echo Dot (and etc.). The output from the Echo and Echo Plus in the area, supplemented by the Echo Sub, sounds great.If you’re expecting this to sound like a $500 sub, you’re delusional. If you’re looking to add a very nice upgrade to the low-frequency output of your Echos or Echo Plus’ easily, then this is your sub.Installation: I’ve got very low patience and expect things (especially from Amazon) to be top-notch, and found myself only MILDLY frustrated setting this thing up – the Echo Sub took maybe four times longer than any other Echo (we have 7 total) to setup, but it really isn’t that bad. The setup of this will DEFINITELY be revised to help out those who frustrate easily or who aren’t savvy enough to figure things out on their own, but most people who have even a rudimentary set of tech skills shouldn’t have a problem.Setup:1. Mine did not go into pairing mode right away. I had to press and hold the single button on the Echo Sub for MORE THAN the instructed SIX (6) seconds for the dot to turn orange.Note: You can’t SEE the color of the LED, because it’s in the center of the button and obstructed by the finger you’re pressing it with…while pressing. Kinda dumb …2. Once the sub was in pairing mode (orange light on the sub lit), things went swimmingly, using the app.This is the ONLY part that I had an issue with, since the included instructions were OVERLY simplistic and didn’t cover it. If anyone wants a more detailed how-to, just comment below and, if someone hasn’t already provided one online, I’ll do so.

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  41. EyedolEyedol

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Could be 5 Stars once app experience is improved, would buy again.

    Context Disclosure: I began writing and completed this review in real time during my setup experience of my Echo Sub.Received the Echo sub after some issues with the carrier since Amazon ships it only signature required in my area, took an extra day for me to make arrangements to pickup the item elsewhere.Upon unboxing the Echo sub the first thing I noticed is its fabric doesn’t match the Charcoal echo design or any other currently available Echo fabric. I don’t mind this much but it would have been nice if they matched. The Echo sub has this large sticker over the power connection that says to NOT configure it until I have configured my other Echo devices first.I purchased this Echo sub with a pair of brand-new Echo devices as part of an Amazon Bundle. I unboxed my Echo devices and began setting them up. After completing the setup process and naming my 2 new echo devices (I have more than 10 echo devices in my home, it’s becoming a little confusing when keeping track of the new ones) I proceeded to setup the Echo Sub.I had already noticed in adding devices to my updated Amazon Alexa app that there is a new Echo sub option, so I proceeded through that setup process. The setup process makes you watch a video on your device that helps you understand the capability and recommended placement of your new Echo Sub. I really didn’t need to watch this video for the information it provided so it would have been nice to skip this.After the Video was completed I proceeded through the steps of connecting it to my home wireless network and setting up a speaker pair / group. I got to the screen where I could clearly see my new Echo devices that I had previously labeled “One” and “Two” and to my surprise they were unable to be added to the speaker pair / group. The reason for this is both devices indicated they needed an update and I should check back in “~2 Hours”.Knowing you can force Echo devices to update faster by muting them I placed both on mute and began typing this review. I’m pleased to report that by the time I got to this paragraph that both devices had completed the update and have rebooted themselves… One moment while I continue through the setup… (you can imagine, as I did, that I thought I was going to come back 15 minutes or so later after playing with the devices before reading the following paragraphs and my summary)I still had the app open on my screen before the updates took place. Post the echos completing their self update, the devices still said they needed to be updated in the app. I couldn’t select them, and my only option was to add other devices to the group or cancel. I chose the cancel button which took me back to the previous setup screen and I again was able to select “Continue” to setup a group. After the page refreshed, I could now select my “One” and “Two” Echo devices.I selected my One Device and immediately all other devices went into “Connectivity Error/Not Compatible” on the app. If I unselect “One” all devices go back to available. If I select “Two” all devices co back into “Connectivity Error/Not Compatible”.As I was unable to select 2 devices to pair together with my Sub. I again could not continue with the setup process. I again chose to “Cancel” the creation and go back to the previous screen. I repeated the same steps above and this time both devices showed “Online”, and I was able to add them to the group/pair and continue. I received a message requesting I select which channel Left or Right for “Two”. I selected Right and both One and Two devices began to flash white while the app indicating it was connecting to the speakers…. (waiting while I’m still typing this for this step to complete)…well I think the step completed, not sure as the app went back to an “Add Group” Screen with no indication of a success or failure of the task. I scrolled down on the app and found a new group called “Stereo Pair” that has been created. I selected the “Stereo Pair” and was show the option to unpair them… not doing that. One moment while I jack with this app and figure out if its working or not… (insert Jeopardy music)Well I can’t rename Stereo Pair on the app, let’s see if I can do it from the Web Interface https://alexa.amazon.com … nope group doesn’t exist there yet or at all, maybe it takes some time. Let’s see if the pair even works. Yup it plays music on the speaker pair but WITHOUT the sub in the group… Wasn’t I setting up an Echo Sub when I started this?I proceed back to the app and attempt to add a group and I’m greeted with the message that I must unpair existing speakers before adding them to a pair. So, I proceed to unpair the Stereo Pair group I just created. (wish it would let me give this a name other than “Stereo Pair”)Recreating the Speaker Group, I realized I found my error. I must select One, Two, and the Sub to pair the 3 devices together…. Funny because I was setting up the Echo Sub when this pairing screen was presented, you would think they would have included the sub automatically.To locate the Echo Sub in my case, I had scroll down on the pairing screen to find the Sub at the bottom. I suspect I wouldn’t have made this error if I didn’t have a ton of Echo devices already. Attempt to add all 3 to the group “Failed to Initiate playback on Stereo Pair” Error message yet it still created a new group called “Stereo Sub Pair” (these group names are awful).Success? I tried playing some music to the “Stereo Sub Pair” group and it’s working!First impressions are it’s significantly better sounding than I thought it would be for such a small setup. Upped the Volume, Upped the Bass, now it sounds perfect for my listening enjoyment. Now to go set the devices where I plan on using them and try it out.Lastly, I tried to see if could rename the “Stereo Sub Pair” Group name to something else by the time I completed reviewing my notes from this review and unfortunately, I can report you can’t change the group name yet. However, once the speakers are paired you don’t need to say the group name to get them to play together like you do with multi-room music.Summary: I am pleasantly surprised with the Echo Sub and despite the issues above from being an early adopter of the device, I would buy it again. Sound is great and just what I needed for my “Bass-lacking” audio space.Overall, I give this experience 4 stars only because of the issues I encountered that I’m sure will be resolved in time combined with the fact the sub doesn’t match the echo devices themselves. The Sub audio itself, I give 5 stars.

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  42. Jonathan Ramirez

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Buen Complemento

    El Echo Sub es un subwoofer inalámbrico diseñado para complementar los dispositivos Echo de Amazon y mejorar la experiencia de audio.Aquí tienes algunos aspectos positivos:Potencia de bajos: El Echo Sub ofrece una potencia impresionante en el rango de graves. Al conectarlo a un altavoz Echo compatible, se obtiene un aumento significativo en la respuesta de bajos, lo que enriquece la calidad del sonido y proporciona una experiencia de audio más inmersiva, especialmente al escuchar música o ver películas.Configuración sencilla: Configurar el Echo Sub es fácil y rápido. Solo necesitas conectarlo a través de Bluetooth con tu altavoz Echo y la configuración se realiza automáticamente. Una vez emparejados, los dispositivos trabajarán en conjunto para ofrecer un audio mejorado y envolvente.Diseño compacto: El Echo Sub tiene un diseño compacto y elegante que se adapta fácilmente a diferentes espacios. Puedes colocarlo discretamente en una estantería, en un rincón de la habitación o donde mejor se ajuste a tu configuración de audio.Reseña negativa de los Echo Sub:Si bien el Echo Sub tiene características positivas, también existen algunas limitaciones a tener en cuenta:Compatibilidad limitada: El Echo Sub solo es compatible con altavoces Echo selectos de Amazon. Esto significa que si no tienes uno de esos altavoces, no podrás aprovechar las mejoras de audio que ofrece el subwoofer.Dependencia del ecosistema de Amazon: El Echo Sub funciona mejor cuando se integra con el ecosistema de Amazon, lo cual puede limitar su uso con otros dispositivos y servicios de transmisión de música. Si prefieres utilizar servicios de música o asistentes de voz de otras marcas, es posible que encuentres restricciones en la funcionalidad del Echo Sub.Precio: En comparación con otros subwoofers en el mercado, el Echo Sub puede ser considerado relativamente caro. Si bien ofrece mejoras de audio, el costo adicional puede ser un factor a considerar para aquellos con un presupuesto más ajustado.Recuerda que las opiniones y experiencias pueden variar entre usuarios, y lo que puede ser considerado positivo o negativo dependerá de tus necesidades y preferencias personales.

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  43. Ron MosemanRon Moseman

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Very impressive once you finally get it to pair.

    I’ve had my first Echo Studio for several months and I love it, so I decided to add a second one. I opted for a refurbished one. I had never purchased a refurbished product before so I was a little apprehensive but it looks and sounds brand new. So I had the two Echo Studios set up in my basement bar at opposite ends of the room about 30 feet apart and they sounded great. I had my doubts about whether the sound could be further improved upon but I finally decided to add the Echo Sub. It arrived yesterday. I didn’t have much time but I decided to set it up. So of course, it wouldn’t pair with the Echo Studios. I tried several times, following the directions carefully, and it just wouldn’t connect. I had more time today so I gave it another try. This time, on the second try, it finally connected. At first, I had it under an end table next to a couch about midway between the two Echo Studios. It sounded pretty good but I was expecting a little more so I moved it away from the couch to a spot on the floor, about 6 inches from the wall and with good clearance on both sides. Then I cranked up the system about halfway and played Also Sprach Zarathustra, from 2001, A Space Odyssey. I was absolutely blown away. The Echo Studios sound pretty good and have decent bass on their own but the Echo Sub takes things to a whole new level. I could FEEL the music. Another strange thing is that before I added the Sub the Echo Studios didn’t seem to be producing true stereo sound. They sounded great but it seemed like each speaker was producing the same sound. Since I added the Sub they are definitely playing in stereo with amazing separation. Now, I don’t know if the subwoofer has anything to do with that or not but there is definitely a change. The Echo Sub is a 5-star subwoofer. The reason that I deducted a star is because of the struggle getting it to pair with the Echo Studios and that made me cranky. But if you’re thinking about getting one don’t let that stop you. Yes, it will connect to your Echo Speakers and even if it takes a couple of tries the end result is so worth it. I love it and highly recommend it.

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  44. Higbe

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Terrific Performance

    Amazon Echo Sub-WooferWhere do I start? At this point I am here to say this is a GREAT product, well worth the money.Five Stars for sure.But I digress…I started out with an Amazon Echo, first generation, paid nearly $100 for it, but was quite pleased with its performance. I was very pleased with the sound output of that small device. I liked it so much I bought another for another room. Being an Amazon Prime member, I started listening to music from Amazon. Again, pleased – and I decided to add the unlimited subscription to Amazon Music.I have a traditional stereo system – two speakers, an amplifier, and a CD player. I got to thinking I would like to feed the Amazon music into the stereo and researched the subject on the internet. Turned out to be stupidly simple. I bought a third generation Dot, now less than $50, and a simple adapter cable. The cable plugged into the output jack of the Dot and into the right and left stereo inputs on my amplifier. I had to do a little volume adjustments of the Dot and of the stereo amp to get the levels right – but that was a five minute exercise, and suddenly I had beautiful music in full stereo.But in researching the stereo bit, I discovered something else interesting on the internet – that it was simple to set up two identical Echo units to give full stereo. Well, I have two identical first generation Echos. So I tried it, setting up in a different room. A note here – it is unlikely that most of us could ever set a stereo pair up without some very simple instruction from the internet. You have to use the Amazon app on a smart phone. But with that instruction it is a very simple exercise. I did it. And it sounded great.And that’s also about when I discover the existence of the Amazon Echo Sub-Woofer. OK. I admit at first I was skeptical. How could a six inch diameter speaker generate significant base? But then how could a tiny Amazon Echo Dot sound so terrific? But they do.The gold standard for bass performance for many is the piece, “Thus Spake Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss. To quote Wikipedia, “The piece starts with a sustained double low C on the double basses, contrabassoon and church organ.” This corresponds to a tone of some duration at a frequency of 32 hertz. Only higher end classic stereo systems will deliver this tone. In most, it plays as a low level buzz that would be obnoxious were it any louder.So OK. I pulled up the specs on the unit. Hmm. Goes to 30 hertz at minus 6 db. You know, that ain’t bad! And you could goose up the low end a bit with the equalizer in the Amazon app. The built in 100 watt amplifier and cross over network built into the sub-woofer help a lot. Hmm. OK, I went ahead and ordered it. And immediately discovered that at the time there was a 4 week wait for delivery.The unit did show up as promised, and I was anxious to get it going. A comment here: normally I am rather contemptuous of “unpacking” videos on the internet. But, the packing and packaging of this unit is a performance art master class on how it should be done. I will say no more on that subject except that I was hugely impressed.Setting it up was mostly easy – but NOT as easy as the Amazon site suggests. The main issue is that if you integrating it into an existing stereo pair of Echo units, as I was, first you have to unpair the existing units, then rebuild with the addition of the sub-woofer. Very simple to do on the app – but NOT intuitive. Again, the internet is your friend. I easily found simple instructions and proceeded – and five minutes later had everything networked and playing.It sounded OK, but honestly not all that terrific. Certainly not what I was expecting. Playing “Thus Spake Zarathustra” was, frankly, disappointing. But, I have had experience with base woofers before, and had a suspicion it wold improve. It seems such speakers need to be used a bit to loosen up to reach their desired performance levels.I am very happy to report that this proved to be exactly the case. After a few hours, the speaker was clearly doing better. A few days and it was sounding great. And today, I was sitting in my chair listening to Hans Zimmer’s sound track for “The Dark Knight”, a piece I had played several times before. But this time, it seemed like the whole room was shaking from an outstanding base source. I was astounded – and hugely delighted! I am truly pleased.A closing note – truly serious audiophiles are guaranteed to turn up their noses at this system. I am talking about the people that only use virgin vinyl records for a music source, heavy oxygen free copper cables to the tube amplifier with heavy iron transformers, huge engineered bass reflex speakers or the like etc. etc. Good for them – and perfection has its price. But for us lesser mortals who love music, the Amazon system offers a quality system offering a lot of pleasure at a modest price.

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  45. Fitness.Watch.MavenFitness.Watch.Maven

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Again, Amazon Rocks!

    I am leaving the same exact review for the Echo speakers as I am leaving for this wonderful subwoofer. Amazon has asked for images when I leave reviews, so here are a couple. You can see the Echo Show (a tablet) and my entire system in the Man Cave. It’s all Amazon. Here’s the way to do this. First, I have a Fire TV, as you can see, and then I have speakers hooked up to it along with a separate subwoofer purchased through Amazon for about $100. It sounds like a multi-thousand dollar system. There is no need these days to spend a lot of money because everything is digital. But sometimes I don’t want to turn everything on with regard to the Fire TV but instead I just want to tell Alexa to play my playlists. This is when the Echo speakers you can see, along with this fabulous subwoofer, take over. All that is needed is Amazon Music and my voice and then I get real rock and roll sound with just the subwoofer and the two fourth generation Echo speakers! I listen to Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Beck, Clapton, The Beatles, Rush, Kiss, Yes, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the rest. And I listen LOUD. It doesn’t matter. The Amazon products take the heat and deliver chart-stopping sound with a beautiful sound-stage created by this subwoofer. It is just a small system for when I orally tell Alexa to play my music instead of turning on the other system. But boy is it powerful, with huge bass and a full-control equalizer through the Alexa app. And the bluetooth and Wi Fi never cut off or cut out. I recommend this highly.

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  46. Floyd B.

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Incredible Improvement to the Listening Experience within the Echo-Sphere

    I ordered the sub during the promo, bundled with two 2nd-gen Echos. Setting up the “trio” (can’t call it a speaker “group”, since that term has a very specific meaning in Echo-land), I had some difficulty during the initial setup, but realize in retrospect that I should have powered up the new Echos by themselves first, and let them perform the online software update. Once I did that, the second time I tried to create the 2.1 “trio”, the process went almost flawlessly.As others have said elsewhere, the instructions accompanying the unit are severely lacking — just shy of useless. If you’ve configured the full range of other Echo devices (we have over 30 just in our primary house), it’s fairly easy to navigate the new setup features for creating and pairing the three devices into the “trio”. Having had Echo devices since the very first early-order days nearly three years ago (I even have echo dots in all of my vehicles), the Alexa app and the configuration processes for new devices as they came to market have evolved dramatically. So in some way it’s understandable that the setup instructions — for any of the Echo devices — has to be somewhat vague, since the setup processes are also constantly evolving, and specific setup instructions in the box of the device you buy today may be totally irrelevant and even more frustrating should you try setting up the same device 6 or 12 months later.The sub creates such a vast improvement in the sound experience that it’s hard to describe it accurately. My biggest complaint is that the bass can be overpowering in some room environments. The room I chose to install the “trio’ in is a 14ft x 14ft room with uncovered, polished hardwood floors, and otherwise sparsely furnished. With certain types of music (I like loud, bassy music, like vocal trance and EDM), the bass can be so intense that it actually vibrates the windows, and overpowers the mids and highs coming from the individual Echos. To compensate, the only option is to use the equalizer for the “trio” and dial down the bass, but this also reduces the bass coming from the Echos themselves. I’d like to hear more bass from the Echos, but can’t because of having to dial down the low frequency equalizer slider in order to lower the drive to the sub, just to make the listening experience more balanced (and enjoyable). As a practicing audio and RF engineer, it seems to me that a very quick and easy fix to my specific problem (and I’m sure others) would be to have a configuration setting for the sub only that allows you to “dial in” a certain amount of attenuation to the bass drive. A simple set of selections in steps of 3 db (up or down, depending on your individual setting) would be a perfect quick fix for this In my case. The fact that the room is basically a flattened cube, it’s easy for the sub to deliver sounds that match the natural resonant frequency of the room. The better (long-term?) fix for this kind of problem would be to have a separate equalizer function for only the sub, to configure the response of only the frequencies the sub is designed to produce. A 3- or 5-band equalizer would essentially allow me “dial down” the band of frequencies that tend to resonate in the room. A fantastic fix to this type of problem.Having watched Amazon’s evolution of fixes and improvements to the individual Echo devices, as well as to the Echo-sphere overall, I have to believe that they’ll eventually be able to configure a 2.1 “trio” to participate in a system group as though it was a single device entity. Seems like it should be a a basic software upgrade issue. The same with the ability to support audio inputs other than just streaming services (as I see it, if you want to bluetooth a stereo signal to your Echo(s) from your phone or other device, Amazon would have to develop the ability to allow you to make a bluetooth connection to an Echo stereo pair first. Once that feature works, it might then be possible to add the sub to the stereo pair for the 2.1 config (still not sure if the sub has to grab the audio stream via WiFi first for the “trio” to actually function).Regarding the disappointment that so many people are expressing regarding the limited Bluetooth functionality, it seems that their expectations were misplaced. When I read the early product release announcement, it was clear to me that the Sub was specifically intended to work with only a subset of Amazon-specific Echo devices. But after re-reading the promotional info on Amazon’s web site regarding the Sub, there is definitely some ambiguity about it’s intended configuration limitations. I would strongly recommend to Amazon that they re-write the capabilities and features sections regarding the Sub so that there are NO ambiguities regarding exactly what the Sub is and is not intended to do or capable of, or how it is intended to operate.Lastly, I wish Amazon would introduce a “big sister” version of the Echo with more power, making them a better match to the capabilities of the Sub. It seems that the Sub is definitely in a power/performance class that is a notch above the capabilities of the current Echos.AS a final comment, I would have gladly given the Echo Sub 5 stars if the drive level to the Sub could be controlled independently from the equalizer profile for the Echos.

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  47. Nicholas Lemons

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Good sub. Easy to add on to Alexa

    Good subwoofer that is pretty easy to add onto your Alexa system/speaker. Note that you will need to go into Alexa, or tell her to, and turn up the sub volume as it is very low from the factory. I had to go to the sub and put my finger through the opening to see if it was playing at all at first. But once I turned up the sub volume 3-6 clicks it was at a noticeable level. This subwoofer is pretty good but it’s not going to knock pictures off the wall or anything close to that. Simply a nice quiet add on to an Alexa system.

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  48. Mike S.

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    The Beat That Goes On

    Verse 1:I got an Echo and it’s pretty neatBut something was missing, it wasn’t completeThen I heard about the Echo Sub, the bass machineNow my Echo has a whole new sceneChorus:Echo Sub, you’re the beat that goes onA powerful subwoofer, it won’t be longUntil the music takes over, it’s the perfect teamEcho Sub and Echo, it’s a dreamVerse 2:Set up was easy, I just plugged it inAnd the sound it produced, it made me grinDeep bass, it fills the roomThe Echo Sub, it’s the boom that goes boomChorus:Echo Sub, you’re the beat that goes onA powerful subwoofer, it won’t be longUntil the music takes over, it’s the perfect teamEcho Sub and Echo, it’s a dreamBridge:But wait, there’s a catch, you should knowIt only works with compatible EchoSo if you don’t have one, it’s a no-goBut with Echo Sub and Echo, it’s a showChorus:Echo Sub, you’re the beat that goes onA powerful subwoofer, it won’t be longUntil the music takes over, it’s the perfect teamEcho Sub and Echo, it’s a dreamOutro:So if you want to take your Echo to the next levelThe Echo Sub is the devilOf bass, that is, it’s a proEcho Sub and Echo, it’s the way to go.Pros:Easy to set up: Simply plug in the Echo Sub and connect it to your compatible Echo device for an easy setup process.Powerful bass: The Echo Sub provides a deep and powerful bass experience that adds a new level of immersion to your music listening experience.Stylish design: The Echo Sub has a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with any home decor.Compatible with multiple Echo devices: The Echo Sub is compatible with a variety of Echo devices, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs best.Cons:Only compatible with certain Echo devices: The Echo Sub is only compatible with certain Echo devices, so make sure to check compatibility before purchasing.Expensive: Compared to other subwoofers on the market, the Echo Sub is relatively expensive.Limited to Amazon Music: While the Echo Sub can be used with other music streaming services, it is optimized for use with Amazon Music.

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  49. Robert G. Coach

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Loving it a lot more since they did the improvements

    Am updating my initial review to give the Sub a much better score. It fell off the network and I woke it up again. then I found that the Alexa app now includes the ability to adjust the volume for the Sub and it performs much better. I am pretty happy with the changes they made.I have Eco’s in every room of my house and all my lights are automated. In the kitchen I have a dot and a spot. In the great room we have two dots and a spot as an example. Currently I have 30+ switches functioning on my wireless network controlled via voice and Alexa. In fact, the freedom to design lighting solutions that do not require physical access has allowed me to create unique lighting solutions that have no physical switch.I received my Eco first generation before they were for sale to the public on Amazon and it is still in daily use.I know how the devices function and how to setup and operate them.I read the instructions for the Sub and fully implemented them. When I saw the warning label over the power port on the device, I was convinced that the setup needed to follow the proper sequence to function correctly.I executed the instructions for the auto setup on my wireless network. It completed but the sub did not function. The light changed state and all looked great however it would not pair. Since the device is passive – there is no obvious way to test its function via the app – I concluded that it had not connected properly to my network.I executed the same setup sequence two more times with the same results. I cycled the power for 30 seconds between attempts to ensure it was in the right state when I executed the setup.On the fourth setup attempt, during the setup the app told me that the automatic setup was not completing and I should follow the manual setup. Which I did. Twice. I depressed and held the command button till the orange light was illuminated, then I linked to the device directly via my iPhone wireless setup commands, it came right up and they connected. I executed the setup on the Alexa app, entered my password to the wireless network and it failed to give any indication that it was functioning and still would not pair.I attempted the manual setup again and it did say it was connected. I successfully paired it with my Eco plus. It said it was happy. I started Pandora on the paired Eco plus and no sound came out of the Sub.I tried a different song and this time sub did function however the volume was so low that I had to physically touch the sub to be certain that it was actually working. It was. I then turned up the volume on the Eco plus and the base was there but my first thought was its too low and I wanted to turn it up. I have not figured out how to adjust the bass volume yet but my first reaction was “why don’t they put a volume knob on the sub?” Its highly desirable to be able to manually adjust the bass for the tune or conditions and there is no knob. I have lived with the setup a couple of days and it does seem to be working. But:1) The base volume is so low when I have the Eco plus playing at the volume I want that I generally cant hear the sub.2) I wanted to pair it with my garage Eco Dot which is driving my stereo but this option is not available. It seems like a natural pairing. The Dot provides the highs and mid range and the sub does its low thing. Also, I drive two stereo systems in the house with Dots for streaming and they work great as the music source. I want to add the sub to that configuration but its not supported!? Makes no sense to me.My desired use of the sub was to be able to stream Amazon music via the dot connected to my stereo. I wanted to be able to add more bass to that combination. I also have the same stereo connected to my Apple TV and can stream my 15000 songs through the Stereo and its attached subwoofer which works ok. I wanted to be able to stream directly via the dot/sub combination so I did not need to reconfigure my system just to play music for an hour while working. But the current limitations on the design make that awkward at best and I probably will not use it much until it is more fully developed.After a week, it lost sync and no longer functions.Its going back.

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  50. Itsme

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    Swing and a miss

    This is a review of the Echo Studio and Sub. I wanted the ability to use the speaker for my TV (my gym TV has terrible speakers and it doesn’t get very loud) and also wanted to connected the Peloton to a speaker.I have been using my Sonos Gen2 + Airplay2 in my home gym for around a year. The Sonos has full sound without a sub, gets decently loud, has excellent Alexa response, and Airplay2 which makes streaming from you iPhone amazingly simple. What it doesn’t have for some reason is Firetv sound integration or the ability to function as a Bluetooth speaker.So I “upgraded”to the Echo Studio and sub. The echo studio alone, with its giant form factor, can’t compete for music quality with the Sonos One. The Studio wants to push vocals forward and leaves a hollow sound in the mids. Great for TV but not so great for music listening.With the sub, when it’s all working, the Studio+sub has a fuller more immersive and traditional stereo sound than the SONOS. Still- I have to imagine a SONOS+Sub is probably the best option overall for music.The echo subwoofer works via Wi-Fi. It appears that both the sub and studio independently stream the same song or data and attempt to equalize them independently. The entire process is incredibly overly complex. The end result (vs just using Bluetooth or RF between the devices) is limited functionality and sync issues. You can only use the sub for streaming through the Alexa app (or Amazon music) and possibly your Firetv. There’s no Airplay2 and even Bluetooth via phone or peloton excludes the bass.Connecting: The echo sub was recognized quickly and prepared. It wouldn’t let me add the sub to an existing group (echo studio and Firetv) so I had to delete everything and recreate it. I recommend deleting the speaker group you want to add the sub to before powering it on to make the process smoother.It would only let me choose between making a home theater group or speaker group so I still have not managed to connect the Firetv, sub, and studio together. I gave up as my workout time yesterday was slipping away trying to fight getting it to work. I’ll go back at it today.Sync: There were times, especially after initial setup, where the sub and echo where slightly out of sync. You get that “am I going crazy?” feeling as everything feels a bit off. It did correct itself over time but the over 2 hours I probably has 4-5 times where either the echo or sub would buffer and cut out leaving it’s counterpart alone.ALEXA: It’s fast and responsive and has an edge over the Sonos (which was very good in its own right) but the Echo Studio is more responsive for home automation and has not failed to hear me once over 2 loud fans and a 220v ceiling heater.AMAZON MUSIC APP: It’s awful. I admit I have been using Apple Music for several years. Airplay2 works 95% of the time and that up-time carried over to my SONOS. I never used the SONOS app. The Amazon Music App is slow, poorly laid out, and just feels clunky. There is a 5 second +/- delay between pausing and the music actual pausing (when it works) so you find yourself pressing the button multiple times and getting into that annoying pause/play loop. Sometimes you would skip ahead a song but the app would still show the older song as still playing. In 2 hours it completely dropped the sub one time and I had to reconnect to make it work, constant buffering issues, and just slow slow slow response times.If you use your voice to control the music, you’ll be fine but I like to hen peck each song and the app isn’t built for that.Basically if you just want music + Alexa, Sonos is the hands down winner. Sound, form factor, and features are superior for music. If you want something for your tv or you use voice-activated Alexa for music, the echo studio+sub is a nice upgrade with good sound.

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  51. Drew

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Low notes rejoice!

    This smallish sub is able to blend fairly well with my 3rd / 4th gen echo dots. If you modify the bass/mid/treble sliders in your Alexa app, it can sound quite powerful for its small size. Very reasonably priced and very appreciated for me as I love bass feeling/sound. 🔊

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  52. I. Arias

    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    Deep bass

    Works nice with my echo and echo plus. Nice addition to my house music

  53. Eric

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Sounds great

    It sounds good just wish I could control the levels.

  54. Lino Angarita

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Was tricky game the connectivity with alexa

    This product is really good, good quality, I gave 4 starts because was tricky connect with the Alexa, also sometimes lose connection for a couple seconds and come back. works perfect with all apps but not with you tube

  55. ChristoChristo

    3.0 de 5 estrellas

    I should have listened

    When reviews were saying the bass isn’t going to rattle your house, that’s an understatement. Advertisements everywhere say things like “powerful” or “thumping bass”, these are fibs. I figured I’d give it a chance because, aside from lacking 2 echo studios, I wanted the full echo theater sound system. I have 2 echo dot 5th gens with the 3rd gen tv cube. I wanted to add the 2 studio speakers in for Atmos after I added the bass.What bass? You’d think a 100 watt powered 6 inch sub would hit harder than my 2 decade old budget $50 Logitech 2.1 computer speakers. Nope. I can’t even find on the interwebs what the RMS is, but even if that’s 50 watts, it should still hit a little harder. Sure, I can turn the complete sound up and get pretty good high bass, but low bass is essentially absent and everyone knows the Alexa app EQ is just about worthless.Yes, I love bass. My vehicles always got the bass treatment. I choose $200 earbuds with lots of bass over $1200 IEM’s. Was I expecting the same? Of course not. Not even close, I mean, it’s just one 6″ sub. But I did expect some punch better than old budget PC speakers with a sub that was only 4 inches and only 80 peak watts to power all 2.1 speakers.It’s so underwhelming I keep hoping they just need more time to be broke in or maybe I just got a bad sub. I don’t think so as I know what a bad sub sounds like. Am I going to return it? No, too much trouble and I was warned before hand. I just didn’t think it would sound like a cheap knock off from overseas.It’s beefy weight. Picking it up, you’ll get excited at the possibility of it’s bass thump. Don’t. Infact, if you are thinking about doing the whole echo theater thing, I don’t recommend it after the disappointment I felt from this sub that should have made a bigger difference. If you play your media at low volume, the sub, even though it vibrates to the touch, is non existent in the sound scape.Yes, I’ve tried placing the sub in many different areas, tried many placement scenarios. No difference. It’s down firing anyways.Bottom line, it’s junk to me. Would not recommend.

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    5.0 de 5 estrellas

    CAN (Can’t) be used in Multi-Room Setup – Confirmed

    The sound quality is very good. The major flaw is that once the subwoofer is paired to form a speaker set…. that speaker set cannot be part of a multi room music system…. so it effectively makes the speaker set ( speaker and subwoofer) a one room system. That totally defeats the purpose of having music in the whole house….and defeats the option to add the much needed bass to the Echo speakers. I understand the reasoning… but it hampers the expansive sound quality. Hope the developers address this shortcoming.Update: I have contacted echo customer service numerous times and they have confirmed my suspicions…. the sub cannot be part of a group. They have agreed this is not possible… if you see in the photo…. it is unreachable. Customer service confirmed it and for the time being it can only be paired in a 2:1 or 1:1 system….. NOT in a whole home everywhere group. The biggest audio drawback to the Echo’s is lack of bass response…. so I have a to make a choice ….. whole home music (Yes) or bass in only one room (No) ….. really believe this is a very serious drawback. In a perfect world I live in a three story home….. would love to have the bass element on every floor….. if the sub could be part of a group I would have to buy TWO MORE….. Amazon could sell TWO MORE!!! GO FIGURE!!!….. Please fix this severe drawback!!Update to the Update! I completely gave up thinking I could get the sub to connect to my existing everywhere group…. Prayers Answered!! I checked this morning and the sub proudly displayed itself as available. I selected it and it gladly joined the group!! Sounds fantastic. I am one Happy Camper!! Way to go Amazon!! Thank you for being so responsive….. perhaps when you do a backdoor fix….. don’t be so quiet about it!! I am very pleased!! Changed my original rating for the great customer service and additional features!!!

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  57. Pirate Lawyer

    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Great for Alexa speaker pair home theater setup

    I’ve been using this for over a year – almost 2 – and what I can tell you is that when the audio calls for it, you’ll be glad that you have it. When it does not call for it, you might never know it’s there, although that’s a good thing.You won’t be watching a sitcom and hero rumbling or a muffling sound because there’s too much bass. But if you’re watching an action movie with explosions and car chases, it really enhances the experience.It does not interface with you, and for me, the downside is that speaker pairs, and, adding this sub, all adjust volume the same. So, if you tend to sit closer to one speaker than the other, you can’t adjust the left and right channels, and if you want more bass, you have to turn everything else up.But that’s how it was without the sub, so I cannot fault the sub itself.The integration is easy, although I cannot speak to whether third-party products have additional challenges. But this just works well.

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  58. Gary

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    4 year update — why you might not want to add this

    Update after owning this sub for 4 years:I see that I complained (below) about the setup instructions. Lately, I have had occasion to remove this device and then put it back and find that the setup is now easier. Just plug it in, let it pair with your wifi and add it to your speaker group. So, I think that’s now no problem. On the other hand, I do have a caveat about this product.I used it mostly as the third speaker with two Gen 2 Echos. It worked fine, when we played music with enough bass and loudness to notice. Which, I have to say, was not often as we mostly play classical music at low volume.We are no longer using the Gen 2 Echos, having replaced them recently with one Echo Studio. The Studio has pretty good bass itself, so I did not use the sub at first, but later added it to see if it made any difference. No, it really did not make any noticeable difference in sound, purely because of the reason I gave above. We rarely play any music that uses it enough to notice.While we had the 3-speaker setup, we fairly often had to reboot the system (off and back on) after it stopped responding in some way or started doing something weird. When we switched to the one Echo Studio, that problem went away. But — after I added the sub into the group, I started again getting connection or other problems that required rebooting, just as before. And after I took the sub off again, the problems went away.So, now I am thinking that it is the grouping of speakers in general or the addition of this sub in particular that causes problems in the system, making frequent reboots necessary. Certainly, in my case — where I am not playing much music that even uses a sub — putting up with problems that come with adding it in is just not necessary. Now, we just have the Echo Studio hooked up without the sub, the system works smoothly and I don’t miss the sub.Original review, in 2018:I bought the sub/pair package with two 2nd Gen. Echos to replace my 1st Gen. Echo. Now that it’s all set up, I like it a lot. I play Spotify most of the time, which sounds great. A real step up from solitary speaker to L/R stereo and a sub. The sub itself delivers beautifully.One star off because the setup turned out to be more complicated and took longer than it should have, if there had been better instructions. The idea is that, using the app, you form a “group” of speakers in one room. In this case, it is the sub and the two Echos. But there are instructions on the sub to set up the L/R speakers before you link the sub. To me, this meant making a group of the 2 Echos and later adding the sub. But that does not work. You cannot add to a group; to add, you have to delete the group and make a new one. Apparently, what they meant is to get the Echos online, then plug in the sub, then make a group of all of them. That does work. Even doing it right seemed to be bug-infested, as I had to reboot the app several times. But I finally got it done and it sounds great.I did find that a couple days after the setup, Alexa started misunderstanding me and reacting to old commands in new and useless ways. This was fixed by restarting the whole setup. I have the three units all plugged into one surge control bar, so I can just turn the bar reset button off and on to restart the group. As I found with my first Echo, Alexa goes nuts once in a while and you have to restart her. So I suggest plugging the group’s units into a single surge control to make this more convenient.

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  59. Megan Hartley-Simpson

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    When you get one that works! WOW!

    The good! When the Echo Studio and Subwoofer work correctly it is a fantastic sounding duo. If you remember Henry Kloss and the Cambridge Sound Works model 88 with it’s 3 amplifiers, 1 for each stereo side and 1 strictly for the bass providing a room filling clarity at low/loud volumes. Comparing these 2 units there is no higher complement to the Amazon development team.You get the idea just how Really Great this pair from Amazon sound.The bad! It took 3 units before I received one that functioned properly.Unit 1, had no difficulty accessing my WiFi connected easily and the software in the phone app was easy to setup. It performed LESS than a passive subwoofer. This is kind of hard to explain to the “Call Me Now” support personnel. After requesting an escalation to a second, then a third level of support. The tech was able to see the devise (sub) and that it did appear to be working as it responded to commands made by the Echo Studio and when connected to another echo device. However, as stated it had absolutely no power! I was only able to convince the Tech of this by putting the phone on the Studio showing the amount of sound and then placing it on top of the sub, having no sound transferred. RMAed.Second unit arrives in a Oddly large box (these items come in 2 tight fitting boxes) as I opened it, the Subs “Seal Tape” had been cut and re-taped in 3 places. I never went further, I bought new! RMAedThird unit arrives Sets up like a dream, after deleting any & everything that I had created with the first unit and sounds Incredible!The Studio unit is a bit fussy about the temporary drops in WiFi by the local service provider.

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    The Echo Subwoofer is a powerful and high-quality addition to any Echo speaker system. Here are some key aspects that make it worth the price:Enhanced Audio: The Echo Subwoofer delivers powerful and immersive audio that complements and enhances the audio quality of your Echo speakers. The bass response is deep and punchy, filling your room with rich, full-bodied sound.Easy Set-up: The Echo Subwoofer is easy to set up and use. It connects seamlessly with your Echo speakers via the Alexa app, and once paired, it automatically adjusts the audio settings to ensure optimal performance.Stylish Design: The Echo Subwoofer has a sleek and modern design that complements any decor. It is compact and unobtrusive, making it easy to integrate into your existing home entertainment setup.Voice Control: The Echo Subwoofer is fully compatible with Alexa voice commands, which makes it easy to adjust the volume, change tracks, or even turn off the device hands-free. This adds an extra layer of convenience to your listening experience.Good Value: The Echo Subwoofer offers great value for its price, as it delivers high-quality audio performance and complements your existing Echo speaker system. It is also competitively priced compared to other subwoofers in its class.Overall, the Echo Subwoofer is a great investment for anyone who wants to take their Echo speaker system to the next level. With its powerful audio performance, easy setup, stylish design, voice control, and good value, it is a worthwhile addition to any home entertainment setup.My only complaint is that it only comes in a black version not allowing it to blend in with other Amazon speakers.

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