bombilla inteligente, bombilla de luz WiFi, no requiere un buje, bombilla inteligente compatible con Alexa Echo y Google Home, bombilla LED inteligente 2700 K blanco suave, 800 lm, equivalente a 60 W

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Sobre este artículo 【Voice Control】Color changing smart bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Home. Control your smart light bulb via voice commands to turn your smart bulbs on/off, create colorful mood scenes, adjust brightness and more, e.g. Switch on […]

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sengled smart bulb<img alt=”sengled smart bulb” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media-library-service-media/e6e4539d-a40a-4e9f-9532-6a86dc134d40.__CR0,0,1464,625_PT0_SX1464_V1___.png”/>

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  1. Sengled Smart Lighting Expert<img alt=”Sengled Smart Lighting Expert” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media-library-service-media/757c2f77-3c37-4ac0-91c0-ac9bbd81bd76.__CR0,0,315,145_PT0_SX315_V1___.jpg”/>
  2. Sengled smart lighting expert
  3. Easy. Versatile . Brilliant
  4. Lighting up the world since 1997.Sengled is a global innovator that bright new ideas to the lighting industry.Committed to providing smart light bulbs that make life more convenient.

Sengled Smart Bulb WiFi

Sengled Smart Bulbs

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Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

  1. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs offer an easy solution to having app-controllable smart lighting in your home. These bulbs enable you to control your lights in multiple ways—on/off, dimming, schedules, etc.— through the Sengled Home app on your phones or through partner programs like Amazon Alexa.
  2. Many of the additional benefits of using Sengled products is exposed through the Sengled Home app.
  3. Note: No smart home hub is required to control Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs.


10 valoraciones en bombilla inteligente, bombilla de luz WiFi, no requiere un buje, bombilla inteligente compatible con Alexa Echo y Google Home, bombilla LED inteligente 2700 K blanco suave, 800 lm, equivalente a 60 W

  1. Encyclops

    I had these lights set up within 5 minutes of opening the boxes. They were very easy to set up, and the app is surprisingly good. Hooking them up to Google Home was easy, too.I have multiple smart lamps and bulbs, and these were by far the easiest to set up.They also look really nice. They’re not clear, so they don’t hurt my eyes. They seem to be well made.

    1 product
  2. @RidesWithNola 🏍🐾

    No se pudo cargar el archivo multimedia.

     See video review for demonstration of Alexa adjusting a few colors and brightness. Keep an eye out for deals on these on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, etc. On Amazon Prime Day 2020, I scored a four pack of these Sengled bulbs for $55.79.

    1 product
  3. Picky Consumer

    Second attempt at WiFi bulbs and these are great. App takes a little getting used to but works well. Be sure to add each bulb to your Google home one at the end of each setup. I’m not sure it can be added individually afterward, but they can be controlled by the group title ( app calls a group of light a room i.e. front door, garage lights, etc)

    1 product
  4. Phil

    I love these light. I like making each bulb do different things or different brightness. Alexa works well with it.

    1 product
  5. Bret Zeller

    Works well. Probably not quite as high of color intensity as much more expensive brands, but they are effective, both in the white spectrum and color. Quite heavy for an LED bulb, which is a good sign.I purchased their hub to use with Alexa (I don’t have an integrated hub Alexa device), it’s also cheap and affordable.So far, everything is working well. Once in a while Alexa says “ok” and nothing happens, and I repeat and it works. Don’t know if that’s Alexa, the hub, or the bulbs, but I consider it trivial. I am very satisfied overall, I have been waiting years to make the leap and I don’t regret it at all.The reason I chose SENGLED is because Amazon randomly included a bulb with one of my Alexa purchases. I didn’t realize I was going to receive one. I got it, and it worked so well, I decided to buy a lot more from SENGLED because I felt confident after that first bulb worked well.I’m happy, and their pricing is hard to beat. Most of their competitors are unreasonably expensive to retrofit a whole house.Only quirk is set up for connecting the bulbs to the hub can be a little tricky first time you connect one. After that, it’s easy as you get the hang of it.

    1 product
  6. Jasmine Bishop Ravenna

    We spent hundreds of $ having an electrician come install new switches and wanted smart switches but found they required bridges or didn’t work on the lights we wanted to be smart because they had dual switches.Save yourself lots of time and money, and buy these instead. They’re so easy to install, can be turned off and on through the app when you’re away from home, and easily integrate with our Alexa devices.So happy we found them and wish we’d found them a few hundred bucks earlier. 🤣

    1 product
  7. E. AguilarE. Aguilar

    I have owned these and the non color led bulbs and wouldn’t have it any other way. They work with wifi and no hub is required. Lights can be controlled via Google Home app or through the Sengled app with some added features. The colors on these are bright and bold and there are a few hundred colors to choose from. Best part is they can be controlled from anywhere at anytime, no matter how close or far you are. Loyal customer!

    1 product
  8. Fifi

    I love these lights. Not sure why I love this brand specifically.. but they are great. Great brightness and color range.

    1 product
  9. Zannon Roberts

    All I have to say Alexa living room lights off Alexa dim living room lights Alexa brighten living room lights perfect

    1 product
  10. Adalgisa

    When someone forget to put the lights off,so I can do from my phone and easy way the I can do from anywhere and is working with Alexa too

    1 product
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